Betcha (Street Articles Author)

Hi. Elizabeth here. But my childhood friends call me Betcha ~ a genie in disguise, full of wonder and surprise! - derived from the song "Betcha my Golly, Wow" which was a popular hit during our high school years. Those were the days!

Aside from being a teacher, I am a wife to my one and only husband of 33 years, a mother to three beautiful ladies, a mother-in-law to two handsome young gentlemen, a grandmother to an awesome baby boy and a beautiful baby girl!

It is my passion to make an impact in the lives of children who come my way every schoolyear. As I have become an affiliate marketer recently, I thought that I have just expanded my territory throughout the world. I can reach out to as many students as far as the internet can go since everything has gone virtual including the classrooms.

I believe that my articles will reach even the highest mountain peak or the innermost depths of the forest!

May you all be blessed with all the great things in life as you share your works and at the same time learn from other authors' articles.

Through Life's Journey
My husband, Rene, and I just celebrated our 31st year wedding anniversary and are still committed to live together thereafter. Throwback Tuesday 31 years ago August 10, 1982 6:00 P.M. United Church of Christ in the Philippines Baguio City, Philippines On that day at exactly 6 in the evening, I…
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A Bouquet for You, Ms O!
The summer was about to end and vacation would be over soon. But teachers will have to report back to school to start the preparations in time for the coming of the students on the first day of school. I started out well that year. I tried my best to…
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Bull's Eye
Bull's eye! It's either a hit or a miss! "Bull's eye" is that small circle centered on a target. This dates back to the traditional pub game called darts. It is a form of throwing game using small missiles and bull's eye is a shot that hits the central circle.…
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The World Of Instant Culture
In our world today, everybody wants everything in an instant -- instant coffee, instant food, instant snacks, instant remedies, instant motivation, instant photography, instant answer to name a few -- we want everything instantaneously. We want what we need and even what we want at the speed of a click…
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One More Flippin'
One more flippin' and dinner will be ready! Oh, how I dislike cooking. I know it's fun for many women (and some men, too) but definitely not so with me. I dread it as much as I hate the heat of Texas summer! But I can't ignore the fact that…
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Some Amazing Flips
It's summer yet! As I walked along the lines of the seashore with the waters waving back and forth, I could feel the gnashing of the sand between my toes and my flip-flops. Oh yes, flip-flops are the most comfortable footwear especially during the summer with its Y-shaped strap held…
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