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Beverly lives in the southeastern part of the United States with her husband and daughter. She lives in a quaint southern town where she enjoys watching her daughter ride horses. She is a freelance writer and commercial property manager. Beverly enjoys cooking with local ingredients, interior design, and exploring alternative medicines.

Bankruptcy Lawyer In Atlanta - How To Choose The One For You
Atlanta has a plethora of lawyers - some excellent and some not so good. If you want to choose the best, there are things you should consider. Don't just choose any one of them! You want to choose an attorney that is knowledgeable, efficient, affordable, fits your personality, and will…
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Adoption Waiting Game
Janey described her adoption waiting period as "mental labor". She described it this way - "After I had completed all the paperwork and was matched with a beautiful little girl, I thought I would be united with her rather quickly, but that didn't happen. As each day, week and month…
By:  in  Home and Family  >  Adoption Foster Care   Jul 19, 2012  
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How Can Honey Help With Weight Loss?
Ever since we can remember, we've been taught that in order to lose weight, we have to stay away from sweet things, right? So the idea of honey helping with weight loss may seem like a contradiction. If we take a look at some of the history of honey, you…
By:  in  Health and Fitness  >  Weight Loss   Jan 23, 2012  
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What Are The Health Benefits Of Milk And Honey For Your Skin?
You probably have both milk and honey in your kitchen and have never given any thought to using these two products together as a skin care remedy. You may have used milk or even honey separately, but what is there about these two simple items together that makes them a…
By:  in  Health and Fitness  >  Beauty   Jan 10, 2012  
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Manuka Honey For Gum Disease?
The condition of your mouth affects your entire body. If you have infected gums, it can contribute to a buildup in your arteries, leading to heart disease. Missing and loose teeth, vertigo, bad breath and loss of self esteem are just a few of the problems associated with a "sick…
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The Best Way To Get Out Of Debt
When I lived in Colorado, my friends and I used to go camping, and we used to carry around in our backpacks "every thing but the kitchen sink" - not a good idea, I'm afraid. After an hour or so, the backpacks started to feel very heavy. Then our backs…
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Herman Cain - Can His 999 Tax Plan Help You Eliminate Your Debt?
HERMAN CAIN, in spite of the scandals and drop in poll numbers, is still a viable candidate for the Republican party. And many still want to vote for him. Why? Maybe his likability, the fact that he is not a politician, or maybe because people simply don't like or trust…
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