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Small Businesses: How to Work Twitter to Your Advantage
Let’s face it, the numbers of people who have opened twitter accounts is absolutely phenomenal. Ok, not everyone will be using their accounts and the amount of time people spend on twitter will vary considerably, but however much the detractors may want Twitter to go away, it isn’t going away…
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Twitter for Business: How Does it Work In Reality?
One of the most frustrating things I found when I started to use Twitter was the chasm between what I read and how twitter actually worked in reality. There are lots of ‘experts’ , ‘gurus’ or specialists who have written about how people should use twitter and then you see…
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What is Good Customer Service?
I’ve had one of those weeks when I’m thoroughly frustrated with poor customer service. Unfortunately this is nothing new. Rude staff, disinterested staff, staff too busy chatting with colleagues, I’ve experienced it all. On one telephone call that I had to make to an unnamed company, I was treated to…
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Overseas Call Centre Customer Service Training
With many large organisations deciding to move some of their operations overseas to cut costs having the right call centre customer service training in place should be a priority. However, many companies do not seem to appreciate the frustration that their customers feel when dealing with overseas call centres. In…
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