Bill Ostoyic (Street Articles Author)

I come from a family of general contractors and was installing ceiling fans at 8 yrs old with my father and built houses during the summer in high school. I've constructed everything from a simple rehab to luxury estate homes.

I have now taken that passion, knowledge and attention to detail into my home inspection business here in Central Florida. All inspections are done by my self and my partner, no hired help with less experience for our clients. We have been in business since 2005 and have performed 1,000's of inspections and every one thorough. We have never had a lawsuit or an insurance claim and we stay on top of the ever changing world of Real Estate as well as continuing our education and gaining knowledge that will benefit our clients.

Questions to Ask Orlando FL Home Inspectors Before You Hire Them
Home inspectors are out there by the thousands. Many people are lured to a home inspector by their membership of associations such as NACHI, ASHI, FABI and so on. These are acronyms for different organizations that a home inspector can become a member of just by purchasing the membership and…
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What is A Florida 4 Point Insurance Inspection And Do I Need One?
Florida's 4 point insurance inspection typically involves the inspection of the basic four elements of the home. Roof Plumbing Electrical System Heating and Air Conditioning Concerning 4-point inspections, there are some things that you, the home owner need to be aware of. Do I need a 4 point insurance inspection…
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