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Using A Book Scanner for Book Scouting
I am a bookseller. I sell books online. I am also a bookscout. I search for profitable used books at garage sales, library sales, flea markets, estate sale, and many other places. I haven't always used a book scanner. But it has certainly made a huge difference in my businss.…
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Longboarding - Skateboarding for Adults
A Longboard is a skateboard that has a longer and wider body. The parts that make up the Longboard are the deck, wheels, trucks and bearings that come in different sizes. Longboards are usually made of wood, fiberglass, carbon fiber. Cruising is a lot of fun. If you enjoy cruising try the…
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Cruising on A Palisades Longboard
I recently bought a Palisades Longboard. Im new to longboarding. Or cruising. Which is what I enjoy doing. It's a blast hopping on my Longboard and cruising around town. It's not just a fun way to get around - it's also a terrific stress reliever believe it or not.  I…
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