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Hi. I'm Beverley. I'm an internet writer and content specialist and have been writing for Street Articles since March of 2011. I write about self-improvement, careers, education, article writing, internet marketing for beginners, fashion and news related issues.I would welcome your feedback on anything I have written. I also write guest blogs for other people.

I would encourage anyone who has ever wanted to write but has doubts about their ability to have a go. I'm passionate about writing and it gives me the opportunity to share what I do and what I care about with a wider audience. I run article writing courses for anyone looking to expand their writing skills.

As well as being a writer, I'm a qualified teacher, trainer, consultant NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming)Coach and Certified Practitioner. As a trainer and consultant I specialise in communication and language development skills working with both individuals and groups. Understanding and developing high level communication skills is key to people's personal and professional success

Many people these days have self-esteem and self-confidence issues and as an NLP Coach and Practitioner I work with individuals to improve their confidence in different areas of their lives. I also work as a career coach and have developed an online coaching programme for individuals who are returning to the world of work after a long break.

7 Questions You Should Ask Yourself Before Working With A Coach
If you’ve been thinking about working with a coach one of the things you’re going to want to do is find the right type of coach to work with, life coach, career coach, confidence coach, .... But before you make a decision about whether you’re going to invest some money…
By:  in  Self Improvement  >  Coaching   May 05, 2013  
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How I Fell for A Time Vampire’s Trick
How often have you heard the old cliché ‘We learn from our mistakes’, despite the fact it often isn’t true? Well I never seem to learn about managing my time properly and the other day I got well and truly caught by the clever manoeuvrings of a time vampire. A…
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Do We Learn From Our Mistakes? Not Always!
I was chatting to a friend online today who was describing the trouble he’d had with his computer. He was cross because he’d forgotten to make a backup of one of the websites he owns and he subsequently lost a lot of work. I sympathised because it was something that…
By:  in  Self Improvement  >  Personal Growth   Mar 20, 2013  
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What I Learned About Recharging My Internal Batteries From Crocheting A Beanie
I recently crocheted a beanie. A beanie you might ask? Yes one of those woolly hats so beloved by Harry Styles of One Direction fame (at least when he was dating Taylor Swift) and more recently by Oscar winning actress Charlize Theron. Why did I crotchet a beanie? You might…
By:  in  Self Improvement  >  Stress Management   Mar 18, 2013  
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The Importance Of Valuing Yourself And Cutting The Negative Self - Talk
I have a lovely friend who is talented, beautiful, funny, creative, compassionate, intelligent ..... blah, blah. You get the picture. She's a really nice person. She has a great work record and has held some very good jobs. She is happily married, is close to her family and has three…
By:  in  Self Improvement  >  Positive Attitude   Mar 17, 2013  
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Why I Sometimes Dread Being Asked To Give Advice
When someone says “I need your advice” I’m afraid that my heart often drops. Being asked to give advice can be fraught with difficulties. Now it’s not that I’m afraid to give my opinion on something – quite the opposite. But expressing my opinion I find is easy, but being…
By:  in  Self Improvement  >  Personal Growth   Mar 03, 2013  
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10 Lessons About Success Form the Lance Armstrong Story
Until last week when Lance Armstrong sat down with former chat host queen Oprah Winfrey, there were still many people who believed in Armstrong as the man who conquered cancer, set up Livestrong a successful charity and became the ultimate cycling champion by winning the Tour de France on an…
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Lance Armstrong - A Great Case Study for Professionals In the Years to Come
When it was first announced that Lance Armstrong had agreed to be interviewed by Oprah Winfrey and admit that he took drugs when competing in the Tour De France, everyone knew that Winfrey wouldn’t give him a tough time. For her ailing network it was a scoop and the confessional…
By:  in  News and Society  >  Pure Opinion   Jan 19, 2013  
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Why I'm Feeling Grumpy at Christmas
This is the year when I officially joined the ‘Grumpy Old Women Brigade’. My nearest and dearest would probably say that I’ve been a paid up member for years, but I think I’m reasonable cheerful most of the time. Well until now... Now it’s Christmas, I’m beginning to think they’re…
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Bradley Wiggins – Winner Of BBC Sports Personality Of the Year 2012
It was 59 years since the BBC first showed the Sports Personality of the Year, but never has there been a more competitive year than 2012 for the top spot. The winner was Bradley Wiggins who became the first British man to win the Tour De France and then went…
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