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I have over 14 years experience in the landscape industry designing, installing, and managing projects. My expertise lies in planting design and being on site, thoroughly involved in project implementation in order to react to and solve construction problems as they arise. I have been project manager for several resort landscape renovation projects, where we improved and added amenities as well as improved the site's overall landscape. Throughout my career, I have been involved in landscape design, installation, and maintenance. Also, during my time with a design firm, I learned much about managing people, growing a business, and the importance of delivering high quality service.

I have become a staunch supporter of the Fairtax and actively work to educate people as to its benefits.

I coach all of my son's sports teams and love doing it. I will do so until he tells me to stop.

I also love to cook and make bbq . I hope to one day open a bar/restaurant.

Autocad With Professional Charm
Ten years ago, I was hired at a firm where the only computer was shared by everyone. At the time, the firm consisted of the two founding principals, the part-time office manager, one other entry level landscape architecture graduate, and me. There was no AutoCAD.I was brought in to help…
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Dont Be An Oyster
A great idea…People, I urge you to learn all you can about the Fair Tax. It is a system that taxes what we choose to spend rather than taxing the income that we work so hard to earn. Do you understand what that means? No longer will our taxes be…
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