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Who is BlaqKharma? She was born in the small, rural town of Whiteville, North Carolina in the mid 80’s. She first moved to the city of Atlanta at the age of three. Atlanta served as an authentic reminder that there was more to life than the dilapidated slave shacks that decorated acres of back home.

BlaqKharma wrote short stories and poetry as a little girl. For years, she kept the works that she wrote in her notebook to herself. A friend urged her to compete in her first high school talent show. She placed third in that contest. That one night sparked an addiction for the mic and words. Before graduation, she competed and placed in several more competitions. Shortly after commencement, she began production on her first spoken word album, “Shadowstonez and Cloudy Water”.

In 2007, she began hosting a poetry open mic once a month at Urban Grind Coffeehouse. She held down that spot in Atlanta for 3 years. After publishing a volume of poetry and establishing her Blogazine: Kharma’s World (Now known as BlaqKharma Inc.) in 2009, BlaqKharma walked away from hosting poetry in July of 2010 to further pursue her musical and journalistic endeavors.

From 2010 to now, BlaqKharma has released a mixtape (Hip-Hop) entitled: The Leak. BlaqKharma makes music, writes poetry and short stories. She designs websites, works in Public Relations, and serves as the editor for On the Rise Magazine BlaqKharma has also contributed as a guest writer for various publications. BlaqKharma is the creator and host of The BlaqHour

How Smart is it to Consume Seafood?
The deep sea horizon incident that happened in 2010 literally rocked the planet in more ways than one. Industry suffered all over and many vacations were either cancelled or cut short.Oil was slowly bleeding all over the ocean floor while experts scrambled to find methods to plug the hole and…
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Corporate America, An Extension Of Slavery
Slavery is one of the most heartless and dehumanizing experiences that a person can go through. When you are a slave, you are no longer a person, just a tool or an investment to benefit someone or something else. Slavery in America was supposed to officially be over with for…
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Atlanta, The Hub
Human sex trafficking is something that we are beginning to hear more and more about. It’s a woman’s worst nightmare. To be made into a sex slave is just hard to even think about. In recent years, i’ve seen several movies about this topic. Innocent girls would go to these…
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How Full Proof Are Condoms, Really?
America was golden in the 80’s. Hip hop was just starting to really take off and prove to be more than a fad unlike Disco. Michael Jordan began his legendary career. Life was very carefree post “Hippie America”. A nation was coming into it’s own. Everything was progressing and thriving.…
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Moving Forward As
I was born and artist. I can’t wash that fact away or even pray that into nonexistence. Writing is my way of getting out my perception on things, artistically. It also helps me to vent in a healthy way. For years, my grandmother would tell me that I was going…
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