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A seasoned, dynamic, and uplifting motivational speaker in high demand for over 2 decades, Bob Lancer ( travels the world presenting motivational seminars and inspiring keynotes to businesses, schools, government agencies, and associations. His expertise includes team building, leadership development, and sales training (see his related website:  Bob Lancer is also the popular host of his own motivational self-help radio show, airing on WSB Radio, one of the most prestigious radio stations in the U.S.  His life-changing show has been broadcasting over the radio since 1996 and empowers loyal listeners in 35 states. 

He is the author of several top-selling self-help, motivational books including Lighten Up, Parenting With Love - Without Anger or Stress, and The Soulmate Process, and he has created over 100 self-help, motivational CD recordings on personal development and success, relationships, and child development.  Join his blog at:

Bob Lancer is also widely known and highly respected for his work with families, based on his expertise in child development and the resolution of marriage issues.  This additional dimension of his skills and knowledge enables him to bring a profound element of family support into his seminars, helping the professionals he trains enhance their marriage and parenting,which further supports their performance at work. See his related website,

His expertise in both adult personal / professional development and child development also makes his team building seminars for school staff uniquely valuable as he offers positive strategies for classroom behavior management and student motivation (see  Bob Lancer is also the creative director for, a website that provides 1-minute motivational videos on life-success, relationships, and child development.

Team Building Tip For Dealing With Difficult People
No one succeeds alone. Success always takes a team. Building relationships is a necessary step on the road to success. Putting together a team is a form of creating strategic alliances. And it inevitably leads to the challenge of dealing with “difficult people”. It therefore demands that we develop the…
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The Power Of Positive Speech – 2 Communication Skills For Relationship Success
One reason why, in my team building seminars, I address communication skills that apply to both personal and professional relationships is because ALL of your relationships really have to do with team building. You see, if you are experiencing much relationship strife at home, your workplace morale, motivation and performance…
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Balanced Leadership Development – Avoid The Pitfalls Of Micro - leading
Great leadership development training is about preparing leaders to respect people, to help people feel free, and help people grow more responsible. Today’s most effective leader promotes his or her followers’ sense of freedom to explore their possibilities and test their abilities. Cutting edge leadership seminars train leaders in recognizing…
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Affirmations for Prosperity – Leave Financial Insecurity Behind
Use the following self-help, personal development affirmations for prosperity to help you to manifest more abundance in your life: • I have the power to prosper. • I visualize prosperity as my present condition. • I have as much financial abundance as I visualize. • It is my intention to…
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Achieve Your Motivational Speaker Goals – Transcend Contentiousness
To be the most successful motivational speaker that you can be, use your daily life experiences to develop your professional motivational speaking skills. For instance, in your personal life, how do you cope with someone being disagreeable or argumentative with you? Do you lose your cool? Do you launch into…
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