Bob Sheffield (Street Articles Author)

Hi, I'm Bob Sheffield, I live in Corpus Christi, Texas. I have been dabbling in Online Marketing for about 3 years now, or since I retired. I also work in Real Estate flipping houses. I am working on a book to teach others how to do this. It will be called The Real Estate Scout.

I have a degree in marketing, but spent the last 30 years driving a truck. My education has helped me a lot over the years, as I would buy up businesses that were going under, build them up, and then sell them. But my education is of very little help in Online Marketing. I'm Hoping WA will help me combine the TWO. Their Online Marketing Education, and My OffLine Marketing Education.

Here is something I will pass on to you!

You can sell ANYTHING, if it is Marketed right, and ANY BUSINESS, can be a success, if it is managed right!


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