Bobby Boehler (Street Articles Author)

I have been developing software for the marketing industry since March of 2000. Through the course of my career I have found there are many different philosophies that are floating around in the industry. After developing a graphical/marketing division of the printing company, I have found there was a demand in the area of new media. This was my first exposure to the online marketing network of websites, search engines, news channels, and PPC engines. I have developed software that tracked all marketing campaigns online and would allow users to view the return on their investment into each campaign. I have studied the movement of the search engine paradigm and how each one calculates their ratings. We did some amazing things and awarded clients with some great exposure on the internet. And we proved it.

It was all very exciting and frustrating. But now at this point in my career, with the new trends in the market place, I wish to share my marketing knowledge with others in the online community. It is my hope that I can help you find smarter ways to promote your business and products without the many years of disappointment.

Email Marketing: A Waste Or Benefit
Email marketing can be a tricky thing. The benefits, as you most probably know, is that it gets your promotions to the user through the interface most frequently accessed by them. In today's society, the use of the smart phone is a trend that is rapidly increasing. Almost everyone we…
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How to Grow Into A Giant
For most of America, they get up each morning, and dedicate themselves significantly to the benefit of an employer. They work an hour, get paid an hour; living from paycheck to paycheck. This is an endless cycle until they retire, or in some cases, they are unable to continue the…
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The Business Of Genius
So you have come up with the idea that can change humanity... but cannot get it out to the world. You have create the invention that will revolutionize family and community life, but when you are talking about it, 10,000 voices are talking along with you. Or you have dreamed…
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