Bobby10 (Street Articles Author)

Hello I'm Bobby. I'm pretty new to all of this so I hope you can be patient with me . Let me start off by saying I love street articles. I have been a reader here for quite a while now. I also enjoy collecting. Right now my biggest collection is my high tops. Yeah thats right I'm a sneaker head. I've been collecting for a few years now and I like to think my collection is nice. I don't have the biggest collection yet. But, I do have some nice ones.

With all that being said I recently learned that I could put my two passions together. Writing and collecting. So, thats exactly what I did. Now that I'm here I hope to bring all of that are interested The best news about everything that has to do with sneakers, shoes, and high tops.

If at any time there is something you want to know more about in the sneaker world, just let me know and I'll investigate it. I love doing it. Also, if you feel I've missed important points or disagree with me I'd love to hear from you.

Looking forward to hearing from everyone. Thanks, Bobby

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