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Hello, I'm Brandon McHale and I'm an indoor air quality specialist. What that really means, is that I help you find out what's bothering you with your indoor air.

I've handled thousands upon thousands of cases from residential to commercial to medical buildings.

Would you like to watch me hard at work?

You can watch a video of me preforming an overlooked cause of indoor air pollution, at my website. It's about a house that needed my assistance with air duct cleaning. It's just one of the services we provide. But! It shows that I don't mind getting my hands dirty. If you've ever had a concern with your indoor air quality, wondered if something in the air was bothering you or just wanted an annoying odor gone, than I can probably answer your questions. Just ask me.

Brandon McHale

An Air Duct Cleaning Job In Hillandale Md - A Horrible Reality
If you're familiar with Hillandale Maryland you probably know where Oakview drive is. The reason I mention it, is a couple of reasons. The first reason is to set the scenario that went horribly wrong. The second is to simply let you know where I was and why I was…
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Return Air Vents In Kensington Maryland - The Dirty Side That Surprises Homeowners
If you've never removed your return air grill and peeked down your return vent, you might be repulsed. The view of the greyish muck, brown if you smoke inside, is too much for many homeowners. I always stress that you change your air filter every month. Except, of course, if…
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Residential Indoor Air Pollution In Kensington Md - The Unseen Horrors
Indoor air pollution is gaining notoriety, and for a good reason. It's estimated that the average home has ten times the air pollution as outside air. Pollen, allergens and mold are some of the most common particulate. However there are some unseen indoor air pollutants that are extremely harmful to…
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Air Duct Cleaning Services In Kensington MD - They Go Beyond Air Ducts
Air duct cleaning companies often provide a wide range of associated services. They can range from cleaning components of your furnace/heat pump/air conditioner, to cleaning other vents. It's common for an air duct cleaning company to clean other vents in your home. One overlooked vent, that's actually a fire hazard,…
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Maryland's Commercial Indoor Air Pollution Vs Residential
Even though the principles are the same, residential and commercial air duct cleaning are completely different. It's not just the HVAC equipment or the air duct structure. It's not dealing with a business owner instead of a homeowner. Commercial air duct cleaning is a whole different experience. I've seen equally…
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Air Duct Cleaners In Maryland, How To Choose The Right One
You've probably read some coupons, maybe searched online and still have a few unanswered questions about air duct cleaners. I'll do my best to answer your questions so you'll know who to hire. It can be confusing, there's a lot of misinformation out there. I've cleaned over 5,000 homes in…
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Cleaning Your Residential Air Ducts In Maryland
How do you really know if your air ducts need to be cleaned? All it takes is a flashlight and a screwdriver to honestly answer your question. However sometimes it takes a trained eye, especially if something in your indoor air is bothering you. But most of the time you…
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Commercial Air Duct Cleaning In DC
Washington DC has some really fantastic, unique buildings. They range from centuries old to brand new. Each of these buildings presents a unique challenge for air duct cleaning. The older buildings used to have high ceilings. Those ceilings have been lowered and covered by drop ceilings. The real trick to…
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Air Duct Cleaning Cost, In The DC Metropolitan Area, The Truth May Surprise You
In the dirty industry of air duct cleaning it's hard to get the truth. If you'd finally like to know how much legitimate air duct cleaning costs, what to expect and how to get a quality job done, then I wrote this article for you. You'll find all those answers…
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How To Find Great Air Duct Cleaners And Avoid Scams
I've cleaned the air ducts in thousands of homes in the greater DC metropolitan area and I'd like to share some great insider tips with you. You can get a great company to clean your air ducts at a competitive price without having to deal with scams. Matter of fact,…
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Should You Get Your Air Ducts Cleaned If You Live In Maryland?
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Air Conditioner Duct Cleaning In Maryland Will Make A Huge Difference
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