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My name's Brent Newby and I have worked as a fine dining waiter and hospitality professional for over 30 years. At the outset, due to a natural aptitude... food, cooking and the "art" of waitering took precedence for me. During this time, I've also dabbled in writing(prose) and singing on my own and with friends/musicians as a hobby, and have always had an interest in all things musical. When in my teens in junior high and high school, I was drawn to singing and talent shows and always took part whenever I could. Back then my biggest problem was finding the right vocal coaching and support. I probably could've been more disciplined as well. During the passage of time, I've learned the restaurant business can sometimes be a haven for those with hidden talents. Several of the venues I worked for had yearly talent shows in which I've also taken part as a singer. So no matter how far away I may have drifted, I seemed to always be drawn back to it in one way or another. Well the internet seems to have once again rekindled my interest in song. The ease of access to specific vocal training and information that didn't exist years ago compels me once again to jump on in. Because of the time I've spent and the experiences I've had, I may be able to help beginners avoid some of the pitfalls and get the most out of their musical journey. Music seems to keep me sane(smile). Join me, even if our paths are only remotely kindred as I continue to explore these pursuits.

Audition Tips for Singers
One of the most unnerving challenges you will face as an aspiring singer is performance anxiety before an audition. Consequently, some guidance and stress relieving tips are definitely in order. Several of these will be familiar since they dovetail with information discussed in other articles. Preparation Questions about the Audition…
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Singing, Breath Control And Performing
One of the most overlooked aspects of singing is breath control. This is not to be confused with a vocal warmup regimen done beforehand. It means not straining or running out of breath while performing a particularly long verse or phrase. To do this you need to realize the importance…
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