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Hi Everyone!

My name is Brittany and I been studying up all about the technology world. I have owned and/or try almost every single electronic out there. I'm writing this article to give everybody the insight on the right technology that is out there today. Personally I love to help out any one I can, I give everybody the knowledge I got. I went to school to learn every kind of technology that is out there, so I want to share this with anybody that want to get the info of what is right for you and your money out there. That's just about me now.

To look where I got this knowledge and how I got into electronics.....

I got into all this from my mom. She had brought electronics from electronic, to a phone which was a wow to me at the time. So I was 10 years old when I touched my first phone, couldn't get me off that thing. Then I went from that to a computer by the time of 13 years old, still addicted. Now by 16 iPod Shuffle's came out which was an awesome experience to own so many songs. So lastly by 20 owned an IPad fell madly in love with it, couldn't keep my hands off of it. That’s how it all started and I got all that knowledge too from my mom, which also studied technology. All I can say is thanks mom for teaching me the way.

Anyone that is interested in tablets like me, I will help you in any possible way on what is the latest technology out there. I will keep you posted every time, so don't worry. I do research every day to find that greatest latest technology that is out there, so you know that I'm interested in the latest myself. Leave comments or questions and would be happy to answer them.

Thank you for visiting my site and have a great day!

Have a nice day! : )


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