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Hey I'm Brooke and I'm just your average 20-something blogging at a location near you :) I have a diverse background that includes everything from trucking across the 48 continental states and Canada to the teaching young people about abstinence and STDs to internet marketing. I'm currently a full time student studying Neuroscience with plans to go off to medical school thereafter.

When I'm not on Street Articles giving random nuggets of advice, you can find me listening to classical renditions of Moon River while enjoying a plate of fettucini and admiring the glass of wine I won't be drinking :D Feel free to follow me on one of my other projects at and

How to Measure Inseams on Pants And Shorts
With the advent of online shopping as the solution for many people wanting a wide selection of clothes at their fingertips, there is a great need to know some basics about proper sizing and fit. This is particularly important when it comes to pants and shorts. High water pants bring…
By:  in  Shopping and Product Reviews  >  Fashion Style   Jul 29, 2013  
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Fashion Tips for Tall & Curvy Women
5 feet 11 inches and 120 lbs. That's what a lot of people picture when you talk about a tall woman. They see in their minds images of swimsuit and supermodels or any other beautiful specimen that is splashed across a billboard. Most people don't think of tall women as…
By:  in  Shopping and Product Reviews  >  Fashion Style   Jul 25, 2013  
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