C. Hughes (Street Articles Author)

I'm an Electrical Engineer by trade and a Dog Trainer by preference.

I've been training dogs for the better part of 25 years in one manner or another. For 9 of those I ran a Labrador Retriever in Field Trials with NAHRA. Since then I have trained dogs for Upstate Guide dogs where I raised a puppy and eventually became puppy boot camp for the ones that needed a bit more focus in their training or were more than their raiser could handle.

I currently have 2 Yellow Labs that are certified Therapy Dogs and one more Yellow Lab that is training for Search and Rescue.

I've been a member of Wealthy Affiliate University since 2010 and am trying to establish a presence online that will help people to find the products and information that they are searching for.

Thanks for listening.

Online Degrees Experience Lack Of Confidence
It is an unfortunate situation, but currently online degrees experience a lack of confidence with hiring managers. If two candidates arrive at a job interview one with an online degree from an accredited School and the other with a degree from an accredited College or University but earned offline, preference…
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Do You Need Legitimate Work at Home Jobs - Part 1
It’s hard to sugar coat the US economy right now. A huge proportion of the workforce is out of work and looking for a way to earn money. This may be a regular job working for someone else or a home based business. Either way, your needs are real, you…
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Do You Need Legitimate Work at Home Jobs - Part 2
Here is a list of job opportunities that are legitimate. Data Entry jobs- These are jobs that will pay you to do their data entry for them. They are typically piecework which means that you are paid by the item. Each piece has a set amount of money associated with…
By:  in  Internet and Businesses Online  >  Affiliate Revenue   Nov 20, 2012  
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Finding An Internet Marketing Affiliate Program Online
Are you interested in learning about Internet Marketing and would like to find a way to monetize your knowledge? You will need to find an Internet Marketing Affiliate Program online somewhere. There are several big players that offer affiliate programs with their training. One has income streams set up for…
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Looking for A Legitimate Work From Home Business Opportunity?
Have you searched the internet for a legitimate work from home business opportunity? There is one home business opportunity that is safe and has a proven track record. You don’t need a huge investment to start this and since you are working for yourself, you don’t need to worry that…
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Online Marketing Degree Programs
Many people are looking for a way to make a living online. There are several online marketing degree programs that will teach you to be a successful marketer. These are traditional marketing classes online. If that is what you are after these will provide you with an online education and…
By:  in  Internet and Businesses Online  >  Internet Marketing   Oct 27, 2012  
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Using WordPress to Make Websites
WordPress is a software platform designed to make blogs and can also be used to make websites. This is not to say that a blog is not a website but that a different look and feel can be achieved to make a WordPress installation look like a standard website. This…
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How to Write for the Internet
Writing for the internet can take many forms. There are articles that can be written to provide the reader with information. You can produce content for your website that gives people insight into the doings of celebrities or you may just write a pleasurable dissertation. Prose lends itself well to…
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Training your Labrador Retriever to Come
The recall is an important command for a Labrador Retriever. When you have spent time training your Labrador Retriever to come to you and have it reliable a whole new world opens up. Imagine the relief that you will experience when you know, for a fact, that when you call,…
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The Rare Blue Lobster
There have been several news items recently about Blue Lobsters being discovered. The incidence of sightings is much higher than ever before and more are being taken in the Maine Lobster harvest this year. Why is this happening and what could the possible reasons be for the discovery of so…
By:  in  Reference and Education  >  Biology   Jul 24, 2012  
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