C. Hughes (Street Articles Author)

I'm an Electrical Engineer by trade and a Dog Trainer by preference.

I've been training dogs for the better part of 25 years in one manner or another. For 9 of those I ran a Labrador Retriever in Field Trials with NAHRA. Since then I have trained dogs for Upstate Guide dogs where I raised a puppy and eventually became puppy boot camp for the ones that needed a bit more focus in their training or were more than their raiser could handle.

I currently have 2 Yellow Labs that are certified Therapy Dogs and one more Yellow Lab that is training for Search and Rescue.

I've been a member of Wealthy Affiliate University since 2010 and am trying to establish a presence online that will help people to find the products and information that they are searching for.

Thanks for listening.

Puppy Teething
Once you have your new puppy home and settled in you will notice that your puppy likes to chew. Everything and anything goes in the mouth. Left out that pair of pumps that you searched for three weeks to find? Yum. How about the hubby's steel toed work boots, pup…
By:  in  Pets  >  Dogs   Jun 22, 2012  
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Bringing Your New Puppy Home - Gate 32
In these days of mail order everything, some of you might choose to have your new puppy delivered from the breeder by plane. If you find the perfect pup but the breeder isn't in your neck of the woods, you will need to drive for hours and hours pick up…
By:  in  Pets  >  Dogs   May 05, 2012  
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A Review Of Some Popular Ipad 2 Covers
An iPad cover review needs to look at the currently available covers and those that can be used with the new products. Each day more become available. All of the manufacturers of theses covers are in catch up mode trying to get their product designed and tested to give customers…
By:  in  Computers and Technology  >  Hardware   Mar 21, 2012  
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Training Your Labrador Retriever- The Baseball Drill
Training a hunting Retriever to take hand signals is an important skill set for a dog that will be competing in field trials. It is also a helpful skill to know for a dog that is used for hunting. Each discipline requires similar skills. If you have been looking at…
By:  in  Pets  >  Dogs   Jun 10, 2011  
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Training Your Labrador Retriever-Retriever Field Trials
Training your Labrador Retriever to run field trials requires a unique set of behaviors. To get started with this rewarding sport you need to work on a few things with your dog. A reliable recall, a compulsive retrieve, and a desire to work are all necessary things that a working…
By:  in  Pets  >  Dogs   Jun 09, 2011  
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Training Your Labrador Retriever-The Force Fetch
When training a Labrador Retriever for hunting or field trials a basic skill that needs to be mastered is the force fetch. Training the force fetch can be challenging. There are several ways that this skill is taught. There is a way using negative reinforcement that has been used for…
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How to Train a Dog to Down at a Distance
Teaching a dog to down at a distance from you is a handy behavior. When we train Search and Rescue dogs this can be a life saving skill. In fact, it is one of the behaviors that is required for certification of a Search and Rescue dog. When you can…
By:  in  Pets  >  Dogs   Jun 08, 2011  
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How to Train a Dog on the Teeter Totter
Dog agility is a popular dog sport for many people. It can be hard on some dogs. The constant pounding that their joints take from jumping over the jumps on various hard floors can lead to problems later in life. The reward is that there is nothing better than watching…
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How to Train A Dog to Roll Over
Trick training your dog is fun and rewarding for both you and your dog. One of the most impressive and fun stunts that you can teach is the Roll over command. This can be as simple as a drop and roll, can be a partial roll that looks like playing…
By:  in  Pets  >  Dogs   Jun 06, 2011  
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How to Train a Dog to Shake Hands
Tricks are a way that you can keep your dog's brain working and keep it out of trouble. When training dog tricks the most important thing to keep in mind is that this is fun. It can be a bit frustrating at times when the dog doesn't understand what you…
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