Carl Springer (Street Articles Author)

Hello, I welcome this opportunity to get acquainted.

I am an entrepreneur at heart. My passion: I am driven by the desire to be actively engaged in applied thinking. Three economic cycles, up and down, enjoying spending, investing on occasion, sometimes wondering, gives one a mature understanding of the importance of not taking things/myself overly serious.

I am an active Partner in CreativeChoice. My work is Corporate and Personal Development. We help Companies and Employees be better at working together, to feel inspired about and self-directed toward their work, and, to experience personal growth, worth and value while working within a Corporate Vision.

I have tempered and forged a practical application of my abilities through working in the crucible of demand that is typical during management of construction projects. I have mastered organization, planning and scheduling, and, I know how to model/simulate real-time-cash-flow.

On working with the people side of business, I have come to know that the coupling of a performance ethic, personal interest model of operation is the most effective producer of long term productivity. This coupling allows personal interest to be the inspiring factor in performance.

I look forward to getting acquainted.

Business As Usual (?) Mid-stream Middle America
Business Operation: The last thirty years of my work have been invested in working with the difference between ‘productivity and effective productivity’, and, the difference between ‘motivation and inspiration’. From this difference I have come to know two models of operation. One model, the old model, has been in operation…
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