Carl V. Lewis (Street Articles Author)

Thank you for visiting my articles. I hope you enjoy reading my story. Let move forward and start by saying that at my work experience and their's a reason for that. I was once married in the early 1987 and have a step-son. My daugther was born late that year so work was an important part of family life.

At this time I already held a positive work history I was 21 years old when I was married. At this point my work history was 12 years that is correct. I start working very early plus it kept me away from trouble so I thought. Since then to now I've joined some of the most enjoyable companies to work for.

I remember as a kid I was always looking at the Detective Magazines everytime I walked by the magazine stand. Their were times when I saved a little money and made a purchase or two. I always dreamed of becoming a Police Officer one day and many years later that dream didn't materialize. I enjoyed my job it was easy at first.

I had fun when I worked along side of California's finest law enforcement officers from all departments. I was introduce to Police Chiefs, CIA, and many FBI agents they were mostly retired or had desk jobs. For me-I was a patrolman to the heart no desk job was in my plans. When I was promoted to trainer and then Sergeant things became strange working behind the desk. More and more friends who were Police Officers started getting killed. Then a Sergeant and lieutenant who I just met were slain.

But I did drive a black and white patrol car and I graduated from the Reserve Police Academy. I then was I Professional volunteer with Los Angeles County Coroners Office. My career was cut short when I was involved in a serious motorcycle accident. I was directing traffic around a funeral that was 2 blocks away from the cemetery.

When a vehicle jump out from between the funeral cars and I went over the car like superman. I was transported to the emergency room and walked out without a scratch. I went to work the next day and notice some trouble or something wrong in my right shoulder. After returning home and later went to sleep.

I woke up in so much pain in that right shoulder. I had to go back to the emeregency room. The xray this time showed a hair-line fracture. I had to make a choice stay where I was and take a year to let my shoulder heal. Or find another job which I decide was the best choice since changes were coming soon.

Now I'm a Professional Truck Driver, I drive 18 wheelers and started in 1995. I was still injuried and it took a while for me to overcome the pain and shift with my right arm. I'm currently disable from other car accidents. But, with right determination I'm motivated enough to keep working. Plus now I'm truly happy to be here at WA and enjoying all my new business friends.

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