Carlo St. Juste, L.Ac (Street Articles Author)

Carlo St. Juste, L.Ac is a licensed Acupuncturist in California with over 10 years of experience in exercise and general wellness. In addition, he has been studying the martial arts for 10 years in various martial art styles including Kung Fu, Tai Chi Chuan, jiujitsu and grappling. Mr. St. Juste has also organized holistic health based employee wellness events for Fortune 500 companies such as Alcoa Fastening Systems, Broadcom, and American Suzuki.

It's All About the Yin And Yang
Yin and yang are basic concepts in Chinese philosophy, medicine, and martial arts. Most people can identify the recognizable symbol, a circle with a curvy line down the middle and two dots, one black and one white. It is a symbol of balance, equality, and tranquility. I wanted to touch…
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Five Reasons to Get A Bike And Start Biking!
Riding a bike can be some of the fun and most liberating times in your life. For many people it brings back nostalgic feelings of the past, of memories of childhood, family, and friends. They are valuable assets and you can pick one up for $50 to $100 buxs. So…
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How to Influence Loved Ones to Adopt Healthy Habits
Influencing healthy habits to loved ones can sometimes be a daunting task. From my personal experience, the ability to influence or to become influenced has much to do with comfort level. It is much easier to encourage change when we have a personal connection. The situation becomes more difficult when…
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Acupuncture Meridians And Their Functions
What are meridians? I hear this question often and I enjoy answering it with delight! Meridians are energy pathways which helps connect all of the energies of the body. There are a few functions of meridians and it helps to know them to have a better understanding of what they…
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Good Health On A Low Budget
It's a ruff life for many who live in the lower income bracket, but it is worse is to have no money and have bad health. Let's face it, if you don't have health, the rest will falter. There are many people with serious health conditions who still manage to…
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Two Unique Ways to Breathe While Meditating
Breathing is such a natural phenomenon that you may think that you have it down. But you shouldn't think it's that easy to master, young grasshopper. Qi going masters spend a lifetime training and mastering the art of breathing. Why is it so important about the way we breathe and…
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Feeling Tired? 4 Natural Ways to Increase Your Energy Levels
Do you wake up feeling like you're going to knock out the day? Can you make it through the afternoon supercharged up and not feel pooped by the evenings? If no, then why not? Sometimes I believe we mask our fatigue and tiredness with cups of coffee, energy drinks, and…
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Ways to Improve Your Range Of Motion
Improving your range of motion can have many benefits. Better circulation, better respiration, and reduced muscular skeletal pain. Also it’s easier to pick up things with your feet and put them in your hands. Ah yes, having increased flexibility means more movement and less pain, but how does one go…
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3 Myths And Misconceptions About Acupuncture And Tai Chi
Acupuncture has come a long way, from being considered quackery in medical books over twenty years ago to becoming an integrated part of our medical system. However, as with all growing things in this world sometimes there are a few misconceptions that deserve some attention. Understand and acknowledging these concerns…
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