Carmine Cecere (Street Articles Author)

Currently I run my own Total IT solution business that helps small businesses become more productive and profitable by using up to date technologies in both hardware and software.

I have been operating for over 18 years and studied CIS in Denver Colorado. (How technology has changed since then)

I like keeping up with leading edge technology and am not afraid to try something new and like to be in a dynamic environment that is ever changing. I am setting goals which include running my own internet business online and making this my full time vacation. I love working on the internet and I know that the internet can only grow bigger as more users world wide jump on board. I am beginning to see new and exciting avenues opening up as a result of being in Wealthy Affiliate community and I feel at home writing and it is one of my passions. I may get some of the spelling wrong, but on the whole I think I am understandable.

Although I don't agree with all that happens on the WWW and there are a lot of scammers that take advantage of people, I think that it is a frontier that "ordinary" people, and i say that with utmost respect, can take back some of the control over their own lives. I feel that we have opportunity on the WWW now like never before that is available to everyone and not just a few.

I genuinely want to help people succeed and move form wherever they are to something better. I have been on this journey a long time and feel it is time to knuckle down and achieve the best that I can for me.

I have to thank Kyle for the emails that inspire and kick me into action. God knows we all could use the occasional shove.

Thanks for the assistance and lets be successful on a platform that has plenty for everyone, me included.

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