Carol MacLachlan (Street Articles Author)

Hello, my name is Carol and I live in Connecticut with my husband and 18-year-old daughter who will be leaving for college very soon. I enjoyed a successful career at AT&T for 31 years until one day I received a call from California advising me that I would be taking an “early retirement offer”. I was only 50 years old and not ready to retire, but they gave me an offer that I couldn’t refuse…literally! It’s hard to believe that I started working at AT&T when I was only my daughter’s age! Initially I was devastated by the news, but eventually I realized that all things happen for a reason. We may not realize it at first, but we need to trust and have faith that things will work out for the best. Getting laid off made me realize what I had been missing during my career. I discovered that I loved being a stay-at-home mom and I developed an even stronger bond with my daughter these last three years. It also allowed me the time to care for aging loved ones who desperately needed my assistance. Being a mom and helping others is most rewarding to me and my true life’s passion. I don’t ever want to work for Corporate America ever again and I am currently exploring flexible opportunities that will allow me the time to do what I love most. I recently found Wealthy Affiliate, a very supportive online business community that offers free online training and easy-to-follow videos that teach you how to create your own websites. It’s going to take some dedication and hard work, but I believe that I will be able to succeed in creating successful websites based on my passions. With my daughter going off to college, I think I may also go back to school for my real estate license which is something I have always thought about. Buying a home is one of the most important purchases a person makes in their lifetime and I think it would be rewarding to help others through the process.

Parenthood, Building Strong Bonds And Learning to Let Go
My daughter (and only child) recently turned 18 and will be going off to college in a few, short weeks. Emotionally it hasn’t been an easy time for me and I’m sure that there are plenty of other parents out there going through similar feelings as college fast approaches. I’ve…
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