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I am sitting here trying to write a personal bio. I must tell you it doesn’t come easy. What is it that I would like for you to know about me? A good starting point is my name. My name is Carol, and my passion has always been working in the human service field. Helping others to become the best they can be. Helping others to find their purpose and enjoy life. I worked as a Mental Health Counselor for 12 years, starting with counseling adults.

After 10 years of counseling adults, I decided to go into the public schools and become a school based counselor. I began to notice that children were being left behind, even though the no left behind law was in effect. I then decided to change careers and become a Special Education Teacher. I taught middle and high school special education. I must tell you this was the challenge of my life. An adult can express to you their problems and tell you what is wrong. A child expresses their feeling of hurt and anger through their behavior. Counseling children taught me the meaning of loving unconditionally.

I decided to start writing articles on hope and purpose, because during my years of counseling and teaching I found that most people do not have much to hope for. They have encountered so many problems in their lives, hope and purpose has been lost in their day to day living of trying to get through it. So I decided to begin blogging on hope and purpose. I want to let the world know that there is hope and they were made for a purpose. To help them find hope and that purpose.

There is nothing like living live on purpose. I discovered this late in my life, but it was worth finding out my purpose. When you become aware of purpose, you will never be the same. My life has become one of joy, peace and happiness. I still go through things and have problems, my outlook on those things are different. I don’t worry near as much as I used to. There is a place of prosperity, joy, and happiness in your life, if you will find your purpose. Purpose is not just hoping something will happen, but expecting it to happen. Your are having what you believe. Change your thinking or believe and change your life.

Where Can I Find Hope?
The Dow dropped 20 points today; a three year old is now missing, and mother has been arrested and refuses to tell where child is; Unemployment is at the highest it has ever been. I could go on and on. Watching news broadcast doesn’t give us much to hope for.…
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