Carol Smith (Street Articles Author)

I live in Tucson, Arizona and like many people I love animals. I have 2 dogs and several cats. I am currently working on setting up a pet sitting service here in Tucson, studying pet massage and pet grooming in order to provide these services for my clients as well. I support the Humane Society, ASPCA and Mercy for Animals.

Puppy Training Tips
Bringing home a new canine addition to your family can be very exciting and with the proper puppy training tips it can be a very special time too. Obedience training should always be a new dog owner's number one priority. Your well trained dog is going to be the best…
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Dogs and Separation Anxiety
When you leave your home whether you are going to work, shopping or for whatever reason, you never expect to come back to a house that has been destroyed by the family dog. Unfortunately, this example is what happens when your dog suffers from extreme separation anxiety and these dogs…
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Dog Food And Your Dogs Health
Dogs have survived for thousands of years on meat and the discarded food of humans. Although they appear to be natural carnivores (meat eaters decended from the wolf), there is an ongoing debate that dogs may actually be omnivores (plant and meat eaters). The dog became a domesticated animal approximately…
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Training Agressive Dogs - Tips on Aggressive Behavior
It is important that dog owners recognize the signs and understand what is needed for training aggressive dogs. Dog aggression is considered a bad behavior that can lead to serious consequences including physical harm to people as well as other animals.As a dog owner, I have learned this the hard…
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In Home Dog Training - Basic Steps To Get Started Training Your Dog
Dog Training Your New Family Member Have you just brought home a furry new family member and not quite sure how to begin their dog training? You are not alone! New dogs, whether they are puppies or full grown, bring lots of joy and companionship to any home and in home dog…
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