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Sometimes we just can't figure out the universe, and when I can't, I write.

The Day My Boyfriend Found Me In A Wardrobe
Fighting is a hard, nasty business. First, all you want to do is get your point of view across: you don't want to listen and even if you appear to be listening you're just thinking of something better to say. You dig your heels in because you are right they…
By:  in  Relationships  >  Conflict   Jun 13, 2012  
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Got Chugged?
I have a really important question for you: do you know where the Congo is? Well there's a war happening there right now.. Insert glazed-over expression here. No I'm not writing about the war in the Congo. I am however writing about charity salespeople or 'chuggers': a portmanteau of the…
By:  in  News and Society  >  Pure Opinion   May 15, 2012  
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Love Makes the World Go Round, And Around, And Around
And so it's that day of the year again that drives everyone either to the brink of insanity or tears (perhaps both if you're really clever). For big people and little people alike. No I'm not talking about Christmas or Easter but good, old, Valentine's Day. It's considered to be…
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Read Much?
People don’t believe me when I say I’m reading at least six books at once. I don’t blame them, it sounds ridiculous doesn’t it? There are those books which you read over a few days, a few weeks, months or even years. Some I will only read when I’m in…
By:  in  Arts and Entertainment   May 06, 2012  
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Playing The Coping Game
I hate playing pretend games. You know, the ones you used to love as a child. 'Pretend that I’m a princess ballerina and that I have magical powers'. It used to be fun right? It didn’t end up in tears or repeated listening of Adele. But now, as an adult,…
By:  in  Relationships  >  Conflict   May 04, 2012  
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