Cassidee A. Beckford (Street Articles Author)

Cassidee A. Beckford, a multitalented individual, is an Agronomist with over Thirty Five (35) years’ experience and a Computer Technician with over Twelve (12) years’ experience.

As an Agronomist, I obtained a Post Graduate Diploma in Plant Production, a Bachelor of Technology Degree in Agricultural Production and Food Systems Management with Minor in Project Management, an Associate Degree in General Agriculture and a CARICOM Management Certificate. Among my Professional experiences, I have over fourteen (14) years’ experience working on Projects in various capacities, over eleven (11) years’ experience as a Manager and over six (6) years’ experience as an Agricultural Extension Officer.

As a Computer Technician, I have over twelve years’ experience building and repairing computers and carry out advanced troubleshooting. I am also proficient in the use of Microsoft Office suite, especially Office, Excel, Power Point and Publisher. I also have knowledge of the Linux Operating System.

During my leisure time I do some reading especially keeping up to date with current affairs, writing and listening music.

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