Cena (Street Articles Author)

Hi my name Cena Yong. Would like to extend help to animals by networking and the past experience I have. Not really an expert, but I do hand on TNRM (Trap-Neuter-Return-Manage) for stray/feral cats at my local country(Singapore)for past 7 years.

Realize there so many people like me who like to help animals in many ways. Hope can learn from friends around the world to make street animals less suffer. Currently join Wealthy Affiliate and find Street Articles a nice way tp express my interest.


My Online Pet Shop
I have always wanted to have a pet shop of my own as I love animals. I have the outmost respect for the owner of a pet shop that only provides care and sell products for pets and animals. However, I am personally against pet shops that sells live animals…
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Difference Between Rescuing And Hoarding
An animal rescuer will try their best to rescue animals that are distressed, abandoned and in need of help. As an animal rescuer, it is important that a person needs to know the difference between rescuing an animal and animal hoardings. You will always feel good when you rescued an…
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Special Friendship
Everyone have a best friend. However, not always our best friend is of the same kind. The special bond is kind of unexpected and surprises many around the world. A black cat and a black Asian bear At the Berlin zoo, there is an Asian black bear name Maeuschen. A…
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Cats That Are Different With Other Cats
Every cat lover should be familiar with the grumpy cat; the cat with the funny, grumpy look, and his Facebook page and YouTube which went viral. Today, we are not going to talk about him as he's already taken the feline lovers' world by storm. I would like to introduce…
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How To Bond With Your Cat
We hear about dogs bonding with their owner all the time, going for walks, playing fetch, riding about on their owners' laps in cars but no one associates such activities with cats. Most people think cats are aloof and that no one bonds with their cat. This is far from…
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How to Help Your Sick Cat to Eat And Drink‏
When you notice that your cat is not eating or drinking, bring it to vet to check for any illness. If it was diagnosed that your cat is sick, medication will be given. the routine diet has to be changed. Usually, sick cats are too weak to move around, they…
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Protect Your Pet From Heatstroke‏
When you feel hot, your cat or dog feels hotter. We humans sweat when we feel hot. But a cat or dog does not sweat through his/her skin and body. They use panting or rapid breathing to cool themselves. And they lose a lot of energy doing that. If the…
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How to Prepare Your Child for A Kitten
If your child asked you for a pet kitten, do not just look around for a kitten. It is important and necessary as a parent, you should prepare and monitor your child before getting one. Kittens and cats are basically an independent animal. They know how to occupy and entertain…
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Cats: Trap Neuter Release
Whether you live in a private neighbourhood or public housing, you will probably notice a handful of stray/feral cats around on a daily basis. Often, these cats are not sterilized. The male cats will fight noisily for territory while the females will caterwaul incessantly. Both will search for a mate…
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