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3 Unexpected Hair Trends For 2016 And How To Achieve Them With Going To The Salon
For those who are still feeling the heat of the “New Year, New Me” and have consistently committed to their plans to actually pursue their goals this 2016 then we are happy that you haven’t lost your sanity yet. Be it, improving your looks or being more adventurous or trying…
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3 Old - school Home Security Tricks You Still Do But Definitely Shouldn’t Anymore
The concept of safety, security and protection we first learn from our parents and they’re the ones who taught us some of these hacks that they do then, that we manage to carry out today. Fast forward today these hacks are so Old School that everybody else knows this and…
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Insane And Easy Hacks To The Top 3 Puppy Problems That You Never Thought Worked
Puppies are becoming a litmus test for couples to test their responsibility and how to raise and care for kids. Even foregoing kids and just sticking to a dog. However it ain’t easy taking care of a dog. You may go and say what’s so hard with raising a dog?…
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New Year’s Resolution Fails: How to Eat Healthier And Actually Stick To It Throughout The Whole Year (and Possibly Forever!)
2016 is now here and the many of us are so annoyed again with the “New Year, New Me” hype, which always got us thinking who really sticks to them? You may think no one right? Well, not quite. Did you know that after the new year only 77% of…
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The Holiday Headache: Why Thinking Of What Gifts to Give for Men is As Hard As Planning What to Give for Women And the Best Items to Solve This
Before shade is thrown this is not a sexist post nor would it like to promote the thought. You see when creating gift guides why is it so easy to curate a list of items women would like to receive while creating ones for men uhm, let’s just say it…
By:  in  Shopping and Product Reviews  >  Gifts   Dec 18, 2015  
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3 Deliciously Fun Halloween Party Ideas For Adults That Will Make You Feel Like A Kid Again
Who says Halloween are for kids only? Much like Christmas, we grown-ups must enjoy this occasion as well, but with a few tweaks. Who wouldn’t want to act like a complete and wacky goofball on this night? Whether you’re planning a Halloween mixer, a Halloween potluck or a Halloween movie…
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The Beginner’s Guide to Knowing the Perfect Kitchen Mixer for You
There will come a time that you will get domesticated and actually care about these things. Regardless if you’re born rich and have a nanny with you all along, or a newlywed or just want something to whip up for your loved ones, no one can resist the lure to…
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In Defense Of Kinks: Why Using Sex Toys Is Perfectly Normal And The 10 Items You Should Start Exploring it With
It’s perfectly normal. Yes, you can relax know and breathe. Nearly everyone does it. And for a multitude of reasons. First, there are those adventurous and would jump into anything new, then there are those that no amount of vanilla lovemaking can please their whims. Then there are those looking…
By:  in  Relationships  >  Sexuality   Oct 11, 2015  
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3 Totally Jaw - dropping Futuristic Kitchen Products We Had No Idea We Need Right Now
Gone are the days when the only piece of technology our fingers are used to touching are fingerprint scanners. There was also a time when we have to use keypads for our phones. But now that technology has become obsolete, who even uses a home phone or a pay phone…
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It’s No Longer About Profit Anymore: Why Creative Tech is the New Battlefield for E - commerce Sites
Yeah, it might be a “duh” moment as e-commerce definitely has tech as its roots. But take note of the term “creative tech” though. Just a few weeks ago, Amazon launched a Jetsonian piece of technology that really revolutionized the e-commerce game for the 21st century. It feels surreal, so…
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Bachelor Pad Woes: The Proper Way Of Pulling Off Fanmats Without Looking Like A Slob
No we don’t mean any piece of athletic moral support is sleazy. It’s just that there are ways of…
Redecorating For This Coming Fall: Trends to Ride On
Fall may be still far away as it will just turn summer a few weeks from now but a great domestic and…
5 Emotionally - inducing Gifts To Give Your Best Friends Inspired By Disney’s Inside Out
That cold spell your feeling recently is a sign that Fall is coming and summer is about to bid adieu!…
15 Father’s Day Gift Ideas for Classy Dad’s With Discriminating Taste
Father’s Day is just around the corner and if you’re already in panic mode of what to buy for his…
Buydbest’s Top Toy Picks to Help Your Kids Survive the Summer Activities
Summer could spell bad news or good news for parents. One, you can spend quality time with them because…
Gift Ideas for the Outdoorsy Father That Could Double As Zombie Survival Gears
Father’s Day is fast approaching and here at BuyDbest we dedicate the whole month of June for our…
Be Safe, Chic And Secured: Gadgets That Will Put James Bond And Lara Croft to Shame
Girls, we like to be adventurous, to explore, and to have fun without any pretentions or questionable…
The 5 Kitchen Knife Sets for Those People Who Are Really Hard To Please
Oh, never underestimate the power of a great kitchen knife. Knives are one of the most important kitchen…
14 Fourth Of July Beach Party Essentials Every Mom Will Be Thankful For
It’s hard to plan a trip to the beach with the whole family and it’s usually the moms who do all…
Bdb’s Guide on How A Gypset Should Go Glamping
Summer is just around the corner and will all be stripping down to our bikinis. The pressure to be summer…