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My Name is Charles Githongo and I am an Information Technology Specialist who doesn’t just have the essential knowledge to effectively carry out my job but most specifically, I am also someone who has the sincere passion of helping other people ease their problems. Possessing both the knowledge and the eagerness to help, I could indeed make a difference to someone’s life, including yours. I take great satisfaction in providing other people with relevant information that they might need to solve their day to day problems using my wide knowledge about the internet.

Basically, I make it easier for you to find the information that you need without having to waste a lot of time searching the net. Sure, the net does provide you with a lot of information. However, this doesn’t give you the assurance that all you read in the internet are reliable. With my writing articles skills on the other hand, I can guarantee that what you get is indeed what you need.

Currently, I am working as an associate/affiliate for the following companies: Wealthy Affiliate, Amazon Online Store, Site Built It or Site Sell if you like, and ClickBank which deals with digital products, just to mention but a few. Mainly, my forte is on topics about health and fitness and making money online. These niches are two of the most sought after for information in our society nowadays. It goes without saying, knowledge is power. Having useful information about these two topics could really improve your life and allow you to live much better.

About Us

Having a lot of experience with the internet and other related matters, I have seen that the web could offer people a great deal of stuff, especially money making opportunities. The need for earning a living aside from the usual employment conditions has become more in demand as our society proceeds to evolve and continues to make changes in our lives day by day.

People nowadays are starting to prefer jobs which they can do even from the comforts of their own home. Now this is where ‘making money online’ comes in. This site will allow you to significantly delve deeper into the world of making money online, providing you with its background and benefits and also some tips and insights on how to be successful in this field.

Almost all online money-making methods entail just two basic things as a start: a personal computer and a good internet connection. If you have these two things and if you are mentally, emotionally, physically prepared and have passion to help other people, then you are ready to set off into this particular journey that may make a very significant leap not just in your career but in your personal life as well. First off, the thing is to focus to giving people proper solutions to their problems, and from their your earn your living, because they will always come back to check on what else you have to offer if they find you trustworthy.

The internet has opened a lot of opportunities for today’s generation. Being successful is not really bounded within the four walls of customary offices in business establishments. By trying the different methods on how to make money from internet, you will see that the internet has the competence to offer that very same success offered by regular 8-hour full-time jobs. However, despite its positive feedback, a lot of people are afraid of taking their chances on online methods because of a wide report of scams. Despite this, it is very much encouraged that you at least try to look at its brighter side as well. If you are just careful, you will be able to discover that a fresh pool of opportunities can be created because of the advent of technology, specifically, the internet.

So the possibility of success with the internet is unquestionably at hand. The only question now lies on the different means on how to make money online. Actually, there is almost an endless list of options that you may choose from in trying to generate income through the net. This site will give you not just a glimpse but a thorough review on these options.

Some of the areas that this site tackles include how to be successful in online affiliate marketing; directions on how to use Hub Pages and Squidoo in building valuable resources and in generation of income; how to make money from blogging; making money with the use of social networking sites such as Facebook; effective steps on how to establish your own virtual business; using your skills such as writing, graphic and web designing to apply for various jobs available in different outsourcing websites; and even utilizing your hobbies or passion such as hosting your very own dream sports league and writing poetry in order to earn online. The list could practically just go on and on.

If somehow, these ideas seem to overwhelm you because they are in some ways new to you, you don’t have to worry. This site holds the information you need to fully understand and get used to it.

To begin with, this site presents relevant information on how to make money online for beginners. One very important tip that a newbie has to learn about trying to earn online is that he or she should know how to focus.

This does not necessarily mean that you have to get yourself busy every single day. Focus here actually means that you to learn taking it one step at a time. Doing a lot of things too soon will only confuse and overwhelm you. And this could lead you to giving up early. So don’t be too hard on yourself. One step at a time will still get you there.

To get you started, below is a list of some of the most lucrative jobs which you can do online to earn money. Read on, see which option fits you the most, and know where your focus should revolve around.

1. Affiliate Marketing – As an affiliate marketer, businesses will employ you in the hope of reaching wider into its market. You will promote their products on your site, blog or articles and if you successfully lead a certain customer into their site and that customer gets to buy their products, then you make some money in the form of commission for every successful sale transaction.

2. Creating a Blog or Website – Setting up your own blog or website could indeed become a worthwhile source of income. You could earn through your blog or site either by writing quality product reviews for businesses or by getting paid with your advertisement spaces. You also earn from Google adsense; when Google places relevant advertisement on your site, and you earn per click. So depending on how many clicks you receive, you earn more. This is driven by good content which web visitors like so long as they are useful to solve their day to day problems.

3. Putting Up an Online Shop – Advertising and selling your products online is one of the best ways of reaching a wider market and getting faster results.

4. Article Writing – A lot of blogs and sites would want to employ efficient writers who will carry out the task of updating their web content from time to time. So if you express yourself very well through words, article writing online could be just right for you.

5. Doing Data Entry from Home – This is one of the most outsourced jobs available online. Typical data entry tasks include entering and typing data, updating data and databases, correcting errors on data, proofreading, etc. Data entry may sound simple but in actuality, this job could require a lot of patience and discipline on your part.

Aside from the above-mentioned methods, the internet still holds a lot of job opportunities which could indeed make a significant change in your life and your status ,and life of others. What you need to do on your part for now is to know which of them you would mostly love to do.

We’ve already mentioned how working online could be very beneficial on your part. So you may be asking now, ‘what particular benefits exactly does it have to offer?’ First of all, one of the best advantages of working online is that it doesn’t require much investment. As mentioned earlier, the only capital necessary is a computer and a reliable internet connection.

Another advantage of working online is that you get to reach a larger market. By learning how to make money on website making, it is practically possible for you to access a limitless market, thus, ensuring greater chances at achieving success. Most importantly, since you now have the chance to earn a significant amount of income from the comforts of your own home, you considerably get to do your work efficiently without having to sacrifice your time for yourself and your family. And this is what matters above anything else.

To make this site more effective and more helpful for everyone, our every task is set in line with the following vision, mission and values in order for us to be more focused in our goal of being in good service to you.

Vision: The vision of this site is to enlighten other people about the various money-making opportunities available online and by doing so, be able to give them a chance to have a better living.

Mission: This site aims to carry out its purpose with the mission of providing other people with reliable and relevant information about different ideas and strategies which will help them thoroughly understand the field of online earning.

Values: This site intends to uphold the values of sharing any wisdom in order to help other people grow not just professionally but personally as well. By imparting wisdom to others, it is a great fulfillment for us to know that we have become a significant instrument to make the lives of others better.

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