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Building Links for Local Businesses
Although the ways to ensure visibility and viability for advertisements have changed over the years, there are certain things that you can always do for your business and your online marketing campaign. One of those things is building as many organic links as you possibly can. This is especially important…
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Paying for Twitter Followers
You may have noticed a Twitter page or two with a follower number that does not seem to match the activity on the account. There is definitely a chance that account has bought followers, and there is an even greater chance that account will not be around for very long.…
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Local Seo: One Website With Multiple Locations
Having a website is almost a requirement in today's business world. According to Yelp, 85 percent of people looking for local businesses do so on the web. If you're a business owner, you definitely want to tap into this traffic. However, a problem may arise if you have several business…
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