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What is the Best Steam Iron to Buy?
I love ironing. Yes! Let me repeat, I love ironing. It is a relaxing and therapeutic exercise and because no-one else wants to do it, they leave one alone, so it’s also peace and quiet around. It’s also great cardiac exercise. Did you know that you can burn off 75…
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Michael Bublé Tour 2014
Cute-faced, “I want to pinch your cheeks, and take you home to mama”, Michael Buble, my favourite youthful (and still living) crooner of recent times, has quite an itinerary for 2014! Michael’s tours commence on 11th January 2014, kicking off in gay Paris, the City of Love. How apt, since…
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For Sale
The welcoming Spanish revival home house was situated at the end of Helena Drive in Brentwood, Los Angeles, the ‘City of Angels’. Almost in a cul-de-sac, it demanded privacy and quiet. Luscious lawns beckoned bare feet, and palms reached toward the heavens almost as if in prayer. Photographs in the…
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