Chelsea Coryell (Street Articles Author)

Chelsea Coryell is the founder of Design for a She is a motivational expert and sales mentor for Interior Designers and Decorators. Chelsea inspires with infectious, high energy, optimism woven into proven, uniquely natural and authentic sales techniques.

Chelsea believes that anyone can create a thriving design business filled with loyal "Clients for Life" who are more than willing to pay you what you're worth.

Not only has she been a hugely successful multi-regional interior designer for more than twenty years, Chelsea is a nationally-ranked design manager, corporate trainer, and consultant to failing design stores all over the country. She is also an expert author, CEC accredited lecturer, and internationally experienced consult who understands how to identify and clear the hurdles you face.

Chelsea realizes that sharing her systems and techniques with others is her true calling in life, and is now dedicating her efforts to help designers everywhere who are struggling to grow their business and live their true passion.

What has resulted is a following of confident designers that actually feel comfortable working with clients and have closed more sales than they ever believed possible. (All of us know what that means... they made more money than ever.)

Whether you are just starting out in the design world, or have years of experience, Chelsea Coryell can help you learn, or rediscover the confidence and tools for success in building the design business of your dreams. Chelsea can help you today!

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