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My passion is Photography....and history. I love to read...A LOT.

I only stumbled upon being an Internet marketer almost 2 years ago, I've been skeptic about the possibility of success online until I've made up my mind to try and prove it myself.

So here I am and I guess I could enjoy the company of the same aspiring writers/marketers around here....and at the same time focus on achieving that goal. ONLINE SUCCESS.

The Major Entertainment In Asia
'DISNEY ON A RICE DIET' From Pokemon to Sailor Moon and Akira, anime (Japanese animation) encompasses all genes and demographics, with breathtakingly realistic visuals, exquisite attention to detail, complex and expressive characters and elaborate plots. Leading directors and voice directors have rock-star status, and characters become popular idols. Hundreds of…
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Palestine And The Balfour Declaration 1917
At the close of the First World War, under the mandate system of the League of Nations, Great Britain acquired Palestine (which also included Trans-jordan) and Iraq (Mesopotamia). In 1932 the British government voluntarily gave up its mandate over Iraq, which became an independent nation. At the time, the chief…
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Bollywood - A Class Of Its Own
The perfect counterbalance to the tragic Drama of Chinese cinema is Bollywood. Everything about Bollywood is big and exuberant. The movies run up to three and a half hours long, not including intermission, and have six or seven (or12) song-and-dance numbers with cast of hundreds. Costumes and palatial settings are…
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