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Hello! My name is Cheryl Lyons and I am a stay at home mom. I have two beautiful daughters and a wonderful loving husband. I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 1989. I substitute at my younger daughter’s school occassionally to keep my disability points adding up. However, working full time is really not an option for me at this phase in my life. I got into Affiliate Marketing because it allows me to work at my own pace and when I can. It also allows me the freedom to take care of my family and work around their busy schedules without jeopardizing my business.I have the privilege of making some money for myself without having to always ask my husband for a few bucks. I feel useful again. My girls are especially happy when I can surprise them with MacD’s out of the blue! Life is good!
Suggestions For Making Money Writing Blogs
In order to earn a nice income on the Internet you can learn to blog. Blogging is basically a website or part of a website. Here we will offer suggestions for making money writing blogs. Some of the most popular are: In general blogs are interactive.…
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Tips For A Successful Optimized Landing Page
A successful landing page is optimized for the highest possible conversions. According to the Encarta dictionary, to optimize is to make whatever you are offering perform to the best of its ability or effectiveness. In order to do this, the first rule of thumb would be to have thoroughly done…
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