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My foray into writing was when I read about Wealthy Affiliates. In the training they ask you to write an article. I decided to write an article and submit it to Street Articles, because I wanted to test my writing potential.

Not sure what to expect,I submitted the article I had written,lo and behold it was not only accepted but published.This gave me an incentive to write a few more articles and I have now undertaken the task of writing 30 articles in 30 days.

My father was an avid reader who could discuss any topic. He wrote poems each year for us and enclosed it in our birthday cards. He always told us the sky was the limit and egged us on to be better human beings. I decided to write because of him.

I am a devout Catholic. I have seen the hand of God work in my life and can say that He exists. Because of His love for me I have learnt to share that love with others and it manifests in my immediate family.

I have been truly blessed with a loving and supportive family that care and love each other. I have degrees in various fields psychology,law,finance and most importantly life.I would be delighted if you would read my articles and give me your input so that I can improve.

Many thanks to each and everyone who takes the time to read my articles and write their comments


Blogging 101
When I first heard the word blogging I thought it was posting a blurb on the net to give your opinion, I was wrong. When I tried to figure this out, I found to my amazement it was just not a few words, you could write as much or as…
By:  in  Business   Mar 09, 2013  
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Love The Most Abused Word
I came up with writing this article when I was pondering and wondering what I should write about . I Goggled this subject and found a lot of articles that were written with the same title, however I decided to go ahead and write, as I felt compelled to give…
By:  in  Business   Mar 09, 2013  
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Great New Affiliate Niche in Canada
Everyday I go through my closet and look at all the dresses and gown that I paid good money for and hope there was a way I could get a fraction of what I paid. I used to donate my clothes to different charities till I found out otherwise, so…
By:  in  Business   Mar 08, 2013  
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Social Media Niches
Advertising, that is the concept used by companies to draw our attention to what they have to offer. In my books advertising is used to showcase a product or service to the public. It is making the consumer aware of the product or service. Advertising is communication for marketing and…
By:  in  Internet and Businesses Online  >  Social Media   Mar 08, 2013  
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The World of Pheromone A Marketing Niche
When I cam across this word I thought to myself what in the world does that mean. Well as am curious by nature, I researched it and I was amazed by what it meant. so for those who like me are unaware of the meaning I will give you in…
By:  in  Internet and Businesses Online  >  Product Launching   Mar 06, 2013  
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Is Learning Important?
I should have written this article before I had Learning from our mistakes, published. However I had to practice what I wrote about and learn from my mistakes, and try and do a better job the next time. When pondering over the previous article I realized that writing about learning…
By:  in  Business   Mar 01, 2013  
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What Is Self Improvement
What a better article to write after my article on Is learning Important, than self improvement. I feel we are put on this earth to make a difference. Some of us leave a mark, while others just pass through unnoticed. So why is there such a great chasm between the…
By:  in  Self Improvement  >  Empowerment   Mar 01, 2013  
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Learning From Our Mistakes
In my article, You Control Your Destiny, I touched on this area, where we have to take a stance and make decisions, albeit right or wrong. You appraised the situation, did not sit on the fence and waver, decided and jumped in at the deep end. You took a stance.…
By:  in  Business   Feb 28, 2013  
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You Control Your Destiny
This article is a sequel to my previous article on Positive Attitude. Like the masses of people I too was entrapped in believing that your path was carved for you and that you had to be happy because you were better than half of the population. Being a student of…
By:  in  Business   Feb 27, 2013  
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Building A Successful Blog
Many people start writing just for pleasure like myself and find they really enjoy it. This holds true for blogging too. If you are a blogger and do it to update your friends on your daily rendezvous or things happening in your life and space you do not need any…
By:  in  Business   Feb 27, 2013  
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