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My foray into writing was when I read about Wealthy Affiliates. In the training they ask you to write an article. I decided to write an article and submit it to Street Articles, because I wanted to test my writing potential.

Not sure what to expect,I submitted the article I had written,lo and behold it was not only accepted but published.This gave me an incentive to write a few more articles and I have now undertaken the task of writing 30 articles in 30 days.

My father was an avid reader who could discuss any topic. He wrote poems each year for us and enclosed it in our birthday cards. He always told us the sky was the limit and egged us on to be better human beings. I decided to write because of him.

I am a devout Catholic. I have seen the hand of God work in my life and can say that He exists. Because of His love for me I have learnt to share that love with others and it manifests in my immediate family.

I have been truly blessed with a loving and supportive family that care and love each other. I have degrees in various fields psychology,law,finance and most importantly life.I would be delighted if you would read my articles and give me your input so that I can improve.

Many thanks to each and everyone who takes the time to read my articles and write their comments


Positive Attitude
Human beings are emotional creatures and these emotions and our past experience affect our way of life, actions and thoughts. Things in our past greatly influence our present, so if we encounter a similar situation we react either positively or negatively. This will depend how the original situation impacted us.…
By:  in  Business   Feb 27, 2013  
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Generating Effective Leads
For any business to survive they need sales.Sales are the biggest challenge that a business owner faces. With more buying options, the availability of all information at peoples fingers tip, businesses are searching avenues for new leads. To get a fraction of the market and a percentage of spending dollars…
By:  in  Business   Feb 25, 2013  
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Marketing Ideas
Marketing a product or service is the life blood of any organisation and if you do not know how to so,it will be to your detriment. You can have a superb product, however if nobody knows about it then it is going nowhere. The tools that a company uses or…
By:  in  Business  >  Marketing   Feb 24, 2013  
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Extra Part - time Income Taking Surveys
Have you received a call from a marketeer asking you if you had time to take a short survey? Most of us get truly annoyed and some of us just slam down the phone. I have to let you know that some companies also hire market research companies to get…
By:  in  Internet and Businesses Online  >  Affiliate Revenue   Feb 24, 2013  
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Evaluating Your Marketing Plan
With our ever changing environment, we have to learn to change and adapt. Old ways of marketing are good as they have been proven to give results but adapting to the new trends keeps you up, with the leading market trends of advertising. Every good plan need to reviewed. Even…
By:  in  Business   Feb 23, 2013  
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Developing A Marketing Plan
Most of us are in business for ourselves. Whether you are a internet marketer or a small business owner we all need to have a plan. In the financial world it is called a business plan I call it a marketing plan, because without this coupled with sales all best…
By:  in  Business  >  Marketing   Feb 23, 2013  
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Tips For Implementing Your Marketing Plan
My previous article Developing a Marketing Plan, outlined the ground work needed to put a plan in place. It does take some work, however you will be better off doing it at the outset as you just build it in the later years. Each marketing plan will be unique and…
By:  in  Business  >  Marketing   Feb 23, 2013  
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The Art OF Finding Market Niches
Niche marketing is the latest fad in the internet world. With a lot of attention focused on niches, it is difficult to find your niche marketing product or service.Niche marketing is an uphill task and battle. since this topic is vast and every one has his/her opinion about what is…
By:  in  Internet and Businesses Online  >  Affiliate Revenue   Feb 20, 2013  
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Is Wealthy Affiliate A Great Affiliate Learning Program Or A Scam?
I have written a few articles on affiliate marketing, niches to find these niches and also gave readers a few sites that offer publishers the opportunity to make money on the internet. My quest was to find the place where I would know and understand the concept of internet marketing,…
By:  in  Internet and Businesses Online  >  Internet Marketing   Feb 20, 2013  
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10 Good Affiliate Marketing Sites
In my previous article Affiliate Marketing Information I wrote about the essential requirements to be successful in this market. For newcomers interested in affiliate marketing I am listing a few sites that will make your life easier. Having done some research since I am a member of a few, I…
By:  in  Business   Feb 18, 2013  
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