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My foray into writing was when I read about Wealthy Affiliates. In the training they ask you to write an article. I decided to write an article and submit it to Street Articles, because I wanted to test my writing potential.

Not sure what to expect,I submitted the article I had written,lo and behold it was not only accepted but published.This gave me an incentive to write a few more articles and I have now undertaken the task of writing 30 articles in 30 days.

My father was an avid reader who could discuss any topic. He wrote poems each year for us and enclosed it in our birthday cards. He always told us the sky was the limit and egged us on to be better human beings. I decided to write because of him.

I am a devout Catholic. I have seen the hand of God work in my life and can say that He exists. Because of His love for me I have learnt to share that love with others and it manifests in my immediate family.

I have been truly blessed with a loving and supportive family that care and love each other. I have degrees in various fields psychology,law,finance and most importantly life.I would be delighted if you would read my articles and give me your input so that I can improve.

Many thanks to each and everyone who takes the time to read my articles and write their comments


Techniques To Be Great At Affiliate Marketing
I have been writing on niche markets in the social media.Affiliate marketing is good way to make a full time income from your the comfort of your home. The major obstacle in this dream is that most people do not know how.There are several ways to be successful and I…
By:  in  Internet and Businesses Online  >  Affiliate Revenue   Feb 18, 2013  
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6 Tips to Finding Your Niche Job
The Social Media arena is such a large topic to cover and in my previous articles I wrote about Todays Job Markets, Social Media Niches and gave a little insight into the competencies that are needed to undertake these jobs.I decided since the topic was very vague and the job…
By:  in  Internet and Businesses Online  >  Social Media   Feb 18, 2013  
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15 Crucial Affiliate Marketing Tips
Does someone really have a key to you being successful in Affiliate Marketing? I think not. I have listened to a lot of gurus and teachers, I call them preachers who try to tell everyone that they have the best solution to financial and marketing problems, so open up your…
By:  in  Internet and Businesses Online  >  Affiliate Revenue   Feb 17, 2013  
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Social Media Jobs
Since my last article on the 6 ways to find your niche, I have been doing some research to see if I can write about all the jobs available and put some notes down on what are the requirements on the various positions that are available. Since the subject is…
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Affiliate Marketing Information
Further to my article on Social Media jobs I did leave out one important type of niche that is gradually gathering steam and that is affiliate marketing. Companies spend thousand of dollars to advertise their products to the public. Some advertisements get attention, some just are a flop and money…
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More on Social Market Niches
In my article Social Media Niches, I wrote about only one of the many niches namely about a social media marketing personnel. Even though the idea may be daunting I would like to give people interested in this niche marketing a little information about this field. I suggest you have…
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Today’s Job Market
Looking back in history we would never have believed that the jobs would evolve to what is happening in the marketplace today. If our ancestors had a crystal ball and could have foreseen this, their eyes would have popped out. Traditional jobs that existed are gradually becoming extinct and this…
By:  in  Internet and Businesses Online  >  Social Media   Feb 03, 2013  
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