Christina Boyd (Street Articles Author)

Born and raised in Phx, AZ; i currently reside in London, KY. I am blessed with a wonderful "child" named Cocoa Bean ( my 4 year old pit bull and Lab mix), and am married to my best friend Dustin.

Making and designing jewelry is what I do best and I have recently started my own online jewelry store. I've noticed having an online business is a tad harder than what it seems to be... Who knew? lol.

Meeting and connecting with new people is exciting and gives me a chance to learn more about ways people do things, and hearing their success stories helps to keep me motivated (if they can do, I definitely can do it!) :)

Facebook is like my online home followed by several other social networks. Besides FB, you can find me on G+, Twitter, LinkedIn, Myspace, YouTube, and a few other not so widely known sites.

My goal, is to be able grow my jewelry business in any way possible that will benefit it the most. So to further that aim, I have been attending not a few webinars about Marketing/Advertising, etc.

Well that's about it. Thank you for visiting my profile. :)

Creating Your Own Online Business: The First Steps To Any Successful Business
According to labor statistics, 6.3% of Americans are unemployed. However when you take into consideration all the people who have given up looking for work, that figure is no doubt higher. Unfortunately for these individuals, although their income has stopped, their bills have not. This has forced millions to either…
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