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Hey everyone, I am just starting out in affiliate marketing and am busy setting up my website. For many years I put off starting an online business due to having a pretty full schedule around a full time job, children and household reponsibilities. When the business I was working for shut its doors I decided to pursue different avenues of work which led me to becoming involved in Wealthy Affiliate. This was the start of my online business journey. My aim is to create quality content based on my own experiences. I hope that you find the content useful and not too boring. Wishing you all success in your chosen fields.

How to Make A Career Change Work For You
Contemplating a career change? ........ Well you’re not alone. Did you know that research shows 80% of people at some stage in their lives are considering or are facing a change in career. Life is never stagnant, it is constantly changing and evolving and as a result our lives change.…
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