Chuck Sepp (Street Articles Author)

Hey everyone, I 'm Chuck , a single guy who for the past 15+ yrs have been living in a coastal community in the San Diego area, close to my 5 kids and their families.  By the way everything you may have heard about San Diego is true…cost of living is high, taxes and gas prices are ridiculous, but it’s beautiful and the weather is like nowhere else…(I lived for many yrs in other parts of the country, trust me.)  I have a dry sense of humor, and have always said, if you find yourself being depressed, there’s no better place to be to enjoy it.

I have been involved in sales and marketing most all of my adult life.  In whatever field I have been in at the time, they all had a planned out “proven” strategy of how the business was supposed to work…follow this, do that, and if it isn’t working for you, as it doesn’t for most, it’s because you’re either not doing enough of the “stuff” they say you should be doing, or not doing it the right way, and all the while there’s that one “Top Producer”, making it all look sooo easy and effortless which further motivates you to just strive harder doesn’t it….there’s that dry humor again, sorry.

I learned early on that one of my biggest strengths, and what really motivates me lies in having an ability to see what isn’t working and why, and to come up with creative common sense alternatives that have worked and helped me succeed when before I was just spinning my wheels.

When I decided to enter the real estate business a few years ago and studied and obtained my license, the last thing on my mind was to start running around trying to find someone to sell a house to... I had known and watched enough agents doing that and wanted no part of it, so what else was there to do?    

What I did was to find a “niche” for myself within the industry that for three years provided me the money I needed, while allowing me to be my own boss, not having to worry about anyone else beating me to the sale, and all because instead of trying to become a typical real estate agent, I became a Niche Agent, the only one doing what I did in the way I found that worked for me and allowed me to be successful and actually enjoy what I was doing.

Fast forward to now…the housing market is starting to rebound, people are ready and looking to buy again, and soon it’s going to explode! I now have discovered and am involved in positioning myself in other “niches” that are bringing me success in being “The Go To Guy” when it comes to buying and selling certain properties within my marketplace. I’m not a real estate agent, I’m a Niche Agent…and through articles here, and my website:, am involved with helping others to become one too.

All the best, Chuck  

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