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What Vaccinations Do You Need For Your Horse?
If you are a horse owner, you are highly likely a horse lover as well. As a horse owner you also know the expense of acquiring a good horse, as well as the expenses involved in providing quality food and board. On top of these costs is the necessity to…
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Tips for Riding A Horse Come Spring
If you're like me and live where the winters are cold and long, you're chomping at the bit (pun intended) to get back in the saddle again. If - like me - you don't have an indoor arena allowing you to avoid cold rains, ice and snow you have not…
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Horse Health - What to Do for Thrush
Well, now that spring is finally raising its head up out of the depths of winter, thrush is raising its ugly head as well. You know, that smelly, black stuff you find in the frog of your horse's feet. Yuck! So, just what is thrush, and what steps do you…
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How Do You Build A Shelter
How do you build a shelter for your horse that allows it to be warm and dry during inclement weather depends in part on your philosophy about what makes a happy horse. I say this because I have seen far too many a horse in a stable shut-in over extended…
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