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I’m a organizing junkie and am here to show you ways to clean up your clutter. I have no idea where my obsession for having things neat and in their spots came from, possibly from my mother’s utter lack of organizing, or could be the annoying tick of having a TV placed directly above the treadmill I’m running on and the only way to watch it is to lie down on the tread-belt.Whatever the reason is unimportant, but I’ve spent much of my adult life finding unique ways to make sense of clutter and mess and now it’s my priority to make those practices available to you! I have ideas, layouts and examples for just about any type of organizing you can think of. From the home office to the kids’ bedrooms to planting a garden to how the grocery store SHOULD be laid out, I can help you get started on putting some structure to your mess and am an open door for suggestions, questions and tweeks on anything I post. If you’re a beginner in the organizing field, please know that I have a simple, yet important step-by-step process for getting ready to organize your spaces, see “getting started” then dive into your project. Can’t find what you’re looking for? Please feel free to contact me with questions, concerns, ideas and anything concerning organizing. Also take a look at some of my suggested readings to help motivate and excite you about ORGANIZING!! They say the first step is always the hardest…this is going to ring true in a couple different ways here. I’ve been organizing since my mother decided tossing spices into a 18 inch deep drawer was a sufficient way to store them; all the while she’s burning the spaghetti sauce in the pan while rummaging around for oregano. Organizing comes naturally to me, it annoys everyone else, but I have a constant dialoge going on inside my head of how much better the grocery store would look and function if they’d just let me come in and re-stock the shelves for them. This is my first blog and I couldn’t have picked a better time to start. I’ve recently moved to the smallest town in America and have nothing but time on my hands…the house is nearly always spotless and everything has its place. From my experience jumping into the deep end for the first time, always results in a drowning. So lets start by dipping our toes in and testing out the waters.

Organizing Your Home Office
Organizing your home can be a daunting task or it can be a passion for neatness, either way there are several tips and benefits to having a tidy home. An organized space can be unique but should be understood by anyone who encounters it. An "organized mess" is not organized…
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Valuable Home Organizers
There are many tools for organizing various places in your home. Space is a valuable asset, especially when you're house is overloaded with hobbies, sentimentals and must-haves. Clutter is an unattractive time-waster and while hope may seem lost, follow some tips on tools and how they work to clear some…
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