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Webquests; Helping Students to Be Better Organised Online
I'm always on the lookout for new ideas. Teachers have been around a long time but they have never looked more under threat than they do now. THe Internet has created a torrent on information, some free, some commercial, that is daily being added to. Our RSS aggregators bulge under…
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Web 2 Tools for Schools - RSS
Really Simple Syndication is a Richly Satisfying Strategy for Reaching School Students. Today's theme is RSS, just in case you hadn't noticed. RSS feeds are everywhere and so they should be. The internet has thrown up an interesting dilemma. We can no longer access data sources from a card file…
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Performing on Educations Stage
Shakespeare wrote “all the world's a stage and all the men and women merely players”. Some of us play our parts more easily than others. There are people who seem to be blessed with the best roles, the finest wardrobe and the funniest lines, while others appear to be merely…
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The Black Swan And Education
I have recently been reading Nassim Taleb's book: The Black Swan. The first thing to say is please don't confuse the book with the recently released Natalie Portman film of the same name. About the only similarity is that your own mind might go the same way as Natalie's character…
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Learning Online - Are Traditional Schools In Danger Of Dying?
Is the traditional model of schooling in danger of becoming extinct? Perhaps a more relevant question is: what is a school? Is a school a collection of buildings? Is it a place where teachers come to teach and students come to learn? Is it a place where children can be…
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Blooming Marvellous - The Relevance Of Blooms Taxonomy In the Digital Classroom
Philosophy of Education is wasted on the young. I remember going straight from University to College to learn how to teach the Science I had learned to High School students. My situation may have been slightly complicated by the fact I was married and my wife was expecting our first…
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Challenging Preconceptions - Can Technology Help Students Learn Key Concepts In Science?
"Mr Osborne. May I be excused? My brain is full." So says the caption of a Gary Larson cartoon. I am a huge Larson fan and have to admit, therefore, that my own sense of humour often tempts me towards the far side. Indeed I have used many of Larson's…
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Powerpoint Presentations - Integrating Technology is A Skill Which Needs to Be Practised
Powerpoint is not a panacea for poor pedagogy. I want it written 50 times before you go for your break! Powerpoint is one of the blessings and curses of technology integration. It is a blessing because it is simple to use and most teachers will at least try developing a…
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Technology Education - How Do We Integrate the Good Stuff?
When the student is ready, the teacher turns up. Throughout our lives we have the opportunity to be both a student and a teacher. There are things we want to learn from someone who knows what we want to know. There are also opportunities to pass our own knowledge on.…
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Education Technology - Dipping Your Toe Into the Technology Maelstrom
The wave of technology has been building for many years. The teaching profession has struggled to hold back this tide but change is inevitable. Now the tide has become a vortex, threatening to draw in all unwary travellers. Educational technology is a wonderful tool but too often it has been…
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Its Not All Roses - Google Has Announced Its Intentions to Spread Into the Social Sphere Aggresively
Luke Skywalker's lament was that his father used his powers for evil, in spite of the fact he felt the…
Web 2 - What Impact Has it Had on Science Teaching?
Why does technology often make you feel like there is a big conspiracy and you are the last one to know?…
A Problem Shared is A Problem Halved - How to Improve Your Powerpoint Slide Show Science Lessons
I've written previously about the impact of presentations in Science lessons and lamented to excuse…
Those Who Understand Teach - How Peer Teaching Can Be Used Effectively In A Biology Class
It is Aristotle who is quoted as saying "those that know do, those that understand teach". Whilst those…
Multiple Metaphors - the Promise And Perils Of Technology In Science
What are your views on 'educational technology'? If there was ever a potential oxymoron, or a phrase…
Excel-lence In Science Education
Looking for a new way to help your students achieve EXCELlence in Science? Look no further than Excel…
Effective Multidisciplinary Cohesion
Technology is big business in Education. Laptops, data shows, interactive whiteboards and hand held…
Mobile Games for Science - the Current State Of Play
Warren Beatty is quoted as saying: “You've achieved success in your field when you don't know whether…
Jigsawing - A Creative Way to Learn Some Challenging Concepts
"I want to play a game." Unfortunately the above quote appearing with the word jigsaw is unlikely to…
What About A Wiki - A Web 2 Approach to Assessments In Science
Authentic assessments are an important component of our teaching programs. Ensuring students have experiences…