Courtney Cherae Chapman (Street Articles Author)

Born and raised in Arlington, TX, Courtney Chapman always had an affinity toward learning more about a holistic way of life. Her knowledge extends way beyond the common themes of hair, beauty, diet, and exercise as she presents a more spiritual aspect that is missing from more and more lifestyles.

Reaching beyond a holistic lifestyle, Courtney is also a co-owner for a video production company called Kalomika Films. She also does PR work and entertainment consulting for powerhouse musicians like Volts United, Brandon Marcel, and Ray Sr. She currently works with a premier artist management company located in Dallas, Texas.

One of Courtney's mottoes is to embrace life wholly for whatever it is and to never settle for anything less than the pursuit of happiness. She is carving her own independent path toward being a fearless pioneer, ready to tackle any obstacle that blocks her way toward success and freedom.

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