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Online Dating Etiquitte for Senior Men
The biggest etiquette concern you need to keep in mind as a senior man out in the dating world is quite a few younger women will find you “creepy” if you hit on them. I’m not saying this is right or fair, but it is true. No matter how normal…
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Where to Meet A Match for A First Date
Meeting a man you feel you connected with is exciting. Whether you’ve met this match while waiting in line at the grocery store or the two of you first began chatting online, at some point you’re going to need to take your connection away from pure speculative daydreaming and into…
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How To Act at Wedding When You're Single
Nightclubs are filled with strangers and we’ve all been taught from an early age that strangers are not to be trusted. The women there know what you’re after, so you have a great deal of skepticism to overcome before you can penetrate her protective shields. Wedding parties, on the other…
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