Cynthia Silverman (Street Articles Author)

I have written numerous articles, blogs and newsletters for several online companies. I spent a couple of years writing three entertainment columns and a calendar section for The Malibu Surfside News on a weekly basis.

I also perform in a group, Sugarplum the Band, that writes and plays original music, teach art classes and have a face painting business. I love coming up with new ideas whether they are incorporated into my writing or by creating various art forms.

I try to use a lot of natural, organic materials in all of my recycled art projects.

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Musicians We Got Your Back
Whos got your back? We got your back. I would love to find a place where that statement was true. An online resource where artists could receive advice, help and mentoring for their future success. I have been a musician for quite a long time. Over the years I played…
By:  in  Arts and Entertainment  >  Music   Feb 06, 2014  
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Does Reverbnation Work?
The answer to that question might depend on who you ask. I am simply going to give a brief overview of this site before sharing my own personal experience using ReverbNation. For those readers who have never heard of it, I’d like to provide a short summary and description of…
By:  in  Business  >  Networking   Feb 03, 2014  
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Recycled Art Projects: Ideas In Landscaping
I have had lots of experience in coming up with innovative ways to use natural and recycled materials. Finding new ideas and ways to incorporate recycled artwork became an interesting challenge for me. There were times when I had to use my imagination and find a way to develop ideas…
By:  in  News and Society   Jan 27, 2014  
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Recycled Artwork Can Include Numerous Types Of Materials
If you take any time to research recycled artwork you will find there are thousands of different types of materials being used today. It is simply up to the artist and the imagination. I have seen wonderful recycled art projects made of everything from worthless trash to priceless natural resources.…
By:  in  News and Society  >  Environmental   Jan 25, 2014  
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Fun And Easy Recyled Art Projects for Childrfen Of All Ages
Over the past decade or so I have tried to use earth friendly products in my recycled artwork. I tend to do a lot of recycled projects that incorporate recycled, organic and natural materials, I try to limit my use of toxins and solvents. I hold myself accountable and accept…
By:  in  Home and Family  >  Crafts Hobbies   Jan 22, 2014  
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Recycled Artwork: Paper Mache Vs Taxidermy
I have to admit I really liked going to college. I learned a lot and found exciting ways to work with different mediums. I had to take numerous art classes to get my BA degree and participate in a variety of subjects that were art related. I prefer to use…
By:  in  Pets  >  Dogs   Jan 21, 2014  
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Green Art Supplies, Much Easier to Find These Days!
In 2008 I was trying to find organic, natural, green art supplies. to use on various art projects. Not only was the search time consuming, it didn't really get me the results I was looking for. Being a busy college student, I didn't have enough time to fully investigate this…
By:  in  News and Society  >  Environmental   Jan 18, 2014  
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