Damien McSwine (Street Articles Author)

Damien Douglas McSwine is a health researcher, as well as professional athlete. After receiving his BA in Criminal Justice from Loyola University, Chicago in 2001, Damien decided to postpone a trip to the Kent School of Law, to pursue a career in professional basketball. After a foot injury threatened to end his career, McSwine went on to do the unthinkable and became the first professional athlete ever documented, to play a sport with a titanium total toe joint replacement.

Damien attributes a big part of his recovery to prayer, nutrient supplementation and the application of many of the health laws he learned while traveling abroad. It was during a two year comeback that he made the decision to put these laws into book form and share them with others.

He feels very privileged to have had a golden opportunity to capture valuable information and share a much needed message on health with his peers. Through extensive research and studies, the author has seen the power of extraordinarily simple steps, proper nutrition and nutrient supplementation as they relate to health. During the 7 years he studied under his personal mentor, Nobel Prize Nominee, Dr. Joel Wallach, Damien learned that there are over 800 diseases and ailments that can be prevented through proper nutrition and nutrient supplementation.

McSwine credits leading health experts like Dr. Joel Wallach, Gary Null, Dick Gregory, Djehuty Ma'at-ra, Joel Fuhrman MD and Jay "The Juice Man" Kordich as the individuals who had the biggest impact on him as a health researcher.

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