Dan Crouch (Street Articles Author)

My name is Dan Crouch and I live in mountains of northern Arizona. My career has been as a pastor and an evangelist. I have pastored churches in Ohio and Arizona. My wife Nancy and I also traveled for several years doing music and preaching services across middle and western part of the United States.

At this point I am the pastor of a church in Prescott Valley, Arizona. Nancy and I love this part of the country and will probably retire somewhere in this area. It is such a unique area with such a great variety of terrain from deserts to lush forests. We have never been happier.

My interest in Internet Marketing has developed over a number of years. I have been through the trials of being a newcomer too the world of Gurus and gigantic promises. As a novice I spent way too much money and wasted to much time chasing after the illusive dream of becoming a person of wealth on the web. The outgrowth of that has become the "Newbie Page". I have a great desire to help others travel safely on their journey to internet success. I do not want them to have the battle scars that I have because of the many misguided attempts to make money on the web.

I want the "Newbie Page" to be a place where Newbies can come and feel safe. I want them to be able to receive reputable information that will enable them to develop their enterprise without the fear of being ripped off. If I am able to do that I will be satisfied with my endeavors.

We Are All Newbies
We all have to admit we are beginners at some point. If you do not believe that think of all the things that you have never done. A surgeon may be able to repair a heart valve or remove a cancer, but would he feel comfortable writing a novel? A…
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