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I was born and raised in the bay area, and I am a sports junky. Whatever sport is in season is what I'm into. Right now it's football, basketball, maybe a little hockey. Then once again in February it's time for pitchers and catchers to report. So many sports and not enough days in the year. I like the local teams the best, but know enough about all of the teams to impress even the die hard fan. You can like my facebook page DanThePunditSports or follow me on twitter @DanEaton386.

The True Cost Of Barry Zito
There he was, standing on the pitcher’s mound inside the friendly confines of the Oakland Alameda County Coliseum. It was 2006, his last season with the Oakland A’s and one of the last times that Barry Zito would be considered a top flight major league pitcher. A’s general manager Billy…
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Will the Golden State Warriors Ever Win?
I've often heard, especially in movies, that when a person has been abused mentally and emotionally so much that in order to survive they "go away" to a special place in their mind. This helps them to block out reality and also to forget about what deep down they know…
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Playoff Baseball, Pregnant Wives, And Souvenir Cups
It was the summer of 1992 I was 20 years old living at home with my parents, unemployed, and hanging out with the soon to be father in law to my best friend who was at least 60 at the time. My friend was unemployed and his father in law…
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Arizona Wildcats Take Down Cal Bears Again
Basketball is a game of runs, and Thursday night’s battle between the Cal Bears and Arizona Wildcats was no different. Unfortunately for Cal it was Arizona that got the last run as they fell 78-74 and watched their 17 game home winning streak come to an abrupt end. With so…
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San Francisco Bay Area is Buzzing Over the 49ers
When I was a kid growing up my favorite football team changed like the seasons. When I finally started to understand the game and truly enjoy it, my hometown team the Oakland Raiders moved away to Los Angeles. So on television I was forced to watch the only team that…
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Cal Bears Not at Their Best But Still Winners
The Cal Bears fell behind by as many as seven points in the first half on Thursday night's home game against the first place newcomers the Colorado Buffalos. You could sense that they would need help from some unlikely sources. Harper Kamp, the senior forward out of Arizona, came to…
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A New Tommorow is Today for the Oakland Raiders
In the Oakland Raiders world things have always been made to seem like the team were either heroes or victims of the NFL powers that be. Conspiracy theories abound about getting wronged by refs, about overpaying talent, and head coaches don't matter. Let's take a minute to review the Raiders…
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Cal Bears Dominate Ucla Bruins In 2nd Half
This isn't how I typically spend my end of the year festivities. New Year's Eve is a time for celebrations, and after watching the Cal Bears destroy the UCLA Bruins with an almost flawless second half, beating them 85-69. Now we can all party just a little harder tonight. Early…
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Breaking Down Golden State Warriors Season Schedule
The star player is caught up in a sexting scandal. The starting point guard injured his ankle that was just surgically repaired in the off season. They have new owners, a new head coach and the same nucleus of players that missed the playoffs last season. In the wake of…
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Andre Ward Wins Super Six, Now Undisputed Champ
Matt is a friend of mine, and he used to train at the Gold's gym in Hayward, California in the early 90's. He would work out and began taking boxing lessons, and his trainer was a man named Virgil Hunter. He would give personal instruction to my friend, but while…
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